There are a lot of music and film blogs in the world.
This is one of them.
I want to use this space as a dumping ground for my thoughts and opinions about movies I watch and music I listen to.

About the author

I’m a 26 year old professional photographer. I live in Baltimore, MD with two roommates, two cats, and one rambunctious pug. I like unbearably spicy food, late-night Journey singalongs, “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” and LOLcats.


Pleased to meet you.

What I Like

Movies: I like movies that make you uncomfortable. I love it when I watch a movie and can’t shake it off for a few days. I’m an avid fan of David Lynch, Todd Solondz, David Cronenberg, Terry Gilliam, Takashi Miike, and Chan Wook Park. I love horror movies and I’ll watch pretty much anything released by Tartan Asia Extreme. But as much as I love a good slasher flick, my primary cinematic obsession is with childhood and the loss of innocence. That’s the common thread in all the movies I love, whether it be “Mysterious Skin” or “The Last Unicorn” or “Blue Velvet.” I’m also a sucker for musicals and foreign films.

Music: I came of age during the mid-90’s Britpop explosion and spent my days collecting issues of Q and NME and discussing the finer points of Radiohead and Pulp and Oasis on AOL mailing lists (remember those?). And more or less everything I listen to can be traced back to those days of Britpop obsession. The music of PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, and the Eels were huge influences on me. These days I name Andrew Bird as my musical hero, and I’ll listen to everything from folk-punk to big band to bluegrass without batting an eye. I tend to be drawn to strings (and aftereffect of playing the violin for years and years), hyperliterate lyrics, and slower, complex songs with hidden layers that reveal themselves one listen at a time.


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